XRMToolBox plugins are a great way to make your admin work easier and it saves a lot of time and effort – Thanks to our MVP Tanguy Touzard for XRMToolBox framework(http://mscrmtools.blogspot.com/).

Bulk Security Patcher is an XRMToolBox Plugin – a tool developed by the Dynamisity team(www.dynamisity.com) to bulk assign D365 Users to a Team or a Business Unit in Dynamics 365 instance.

XRMToolBox – Bulk Security Patcher

Check out my video below for detailed steps.

XRMToolBox – Bulk Security Patcher

Thanks for watching and I hope it helps 🙂

More XRMToolBox plugins – https://github.com/MscrmTools/XrmToolBox/wiki/Available-plugins-for-XrmToolBox