How I wish we have prediction models in Dinosaur era – would have saved the species!

Yes, our customers might be churning out. There might be various factors contributing the to churn risk of our customer. How do we predict churn and retain our customers?

AI is a game changer

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights we can now add intelligence to our Customer data by integrating the AI machine learning models for a more tailored and successful customer journey.

Here is a detailed video on how to configure the AI machine learning models that is built for a specific business requirement.

In this video

  • Import AI machine learning model to ML workspace
  • Deploy machine learning model as web service in Azure
  • Integrate machine learning model capabilities with Customer Insights though Workflow – absolutely low-code/no-code
  • Create Customer Segments with the prediction data eg. High churn risk customer segment
Part 2 – Configure Custom AI Models for Intelligence


  1. Customer Insights Trial
  2. Customer Insights Data Admin needs to have access to a Paid or Trial Azure Subscription
  3. Subscription, it needs to be on the Data Admin’s Organization
  4. Subscription should have approximately 110$ of balance per month (estimated)
  5. Important note – check out Part 1 in this technical deep dive series to understand Data Ingestion and Unification

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