Yay! With “Fallback” option now, your Bot can give up if it doesn’t undestand the user utterance.

Take a look at the screenshot below: (Without Fallback option)

The Bot doesn’t understand the user utterance “Shibasakura”, and it asks the same question twice to the customer before escalating it.

While it’s fine for the bot to ask again, it’s good to have an option for the bot to give up at some circumstance eg. your customer feedback that they don’t want to answer this question twice.

Good news! You now have an option to configure a Fallback with a custom message or action if your bot doesn’t understand the user utterance.

Look at the screenshot below: (With Fallback enabled)

How’s this different? You can configure the message or the action with this option enabled.

How to Configure Fallback in PVA?

Go to Settings >> System fallback >> Click “Add”

Now a new “System topic” will be created.

Open the topic’s authoring canvas to customize the topic flow.

Note: Fallback is created as a system topic hence there is no option to turn off. You may wish to delete from the settings if no longer required.

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