You have your customer data and I am gonna show you how to create rich Customer Segments and get an AI-driven Insight on your Segments. By segmenting your huge customer data, you can now take targeted action on your customers.

Take right Action on right Customer at right Time

By Microsoft

Segments enable you to group your customers based on demographic, transactional, or behavioural customer attributes. Using segmentation, you can achieve more targeted actions such as promotional campaigns, sales activities, or customer support actions to achieve desired business goals. You can define complex filters around the Customer Profile entity and its graph of related entities. Each segment, after processing, outputs a set of customer entity records that you can export and take actions upon.

Get to know on “Differentiators” and “Overlap” between your segments with AI capabilities in Customer Data Platform(CDP).

Export your Segments to Dynamics 365 Markeing / Sales, Azure blob storage or download as CSV for any external sytem.

You will see this in action – in this video:

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Segments & ‘Segment’ Insights

For details on creating unified customer profiles, check out my Part 1 video in this series:

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